One thought on “Winter Solstice Day 2015

  1. Thank you, Mr. Krieger, for the fresh produce from this day in the Burren. I worry, however, when I see lovely and clear images of Mullaghmore like yours of today. It is so droopy, saggy, slumpy. What with the recent posts from around the world of catastrophic landslides taking place, I wonder that anyone would dare to venture up onto its slopes. But it has to be done, I surmise. Some experiences are worth more risk than others, yeah? Also, in perusing Burren stories today I noticed promo of a book by yourself earlier in 2015, This Is the Burren. Looks lovely. Nice to see a pic of PJ Curtis; a friend (Cormac MacConnell, Killaloe) last spring kept telling me what a shame it was that I did not make his acquaintance while exploring the Burren. Now I have an image of the highly touted fellow. Finally, to Tony Kirby, thanks for all the Burren moments you shared in May, and a sincere and warm MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both and to your families!


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