Winter in the Burren

Mullagh More, Winter

Mullagh More, Winter 2009

We are back. Kind of. We haven’t sorted out the details yet but Scéalta na Boirne will be here to stay. Only the English title had to change from Burren Stories to Burren Tales as did the web address: We are now

The reason for doing this is simple: I just can’t part with the Burren and although current and upcoming assignments will bring me anywhere but the Burren I promised myself to set aside at least one day each month to ramble across limestone and bring back another Burren tale. And from what I have heard Tony already has a pile of new stories ready to go.

To start things up I put together some winter images from the past years and a few current ones. Ice and snow are rare (but it does happen) and usually winter in the Burren is a symphony of warm yellow and brown tones, soft sunshine (sometimes), high winds (more often), rain and hail (regularly) and overall a lot of peace and tranquility and the usual Burren magic.

Enjoy and have a peaceful Christmas and a healthy, prosperous and happy new year.

Carsten Krieger

Burren National Park

Mullagh More, Winter 2016

A X-PO Christmas

X-PO, Kilnaboy, Winter 2011

Burren National Park, Winter Floods

Flooded Hazel Forest, Winter 2015

Glen of Clab

Glen of Clab, Winter 2014

Winter Solstice Dawn

Winter Solstice Dawn, 2012

Lough Bunny

Lough Bunny, Winter 2016

Hailstorm, Gleninagh Valley

Gleninagh Valley, Winter 2013

3 thoughts on “Winter in the Burren

  1. Thanks for the images of the comely Burden. Precious gifts, those captured moments. Life just got sweeter with your word that Burren dispatches are not entirely history, so to speak. Happy Christmas Carsten and Tony and all those you hold close.


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